Comedy and Covid

Remember the coronavirus?  While I continue to wear a mask wherever I go, I see more and more people eschewing the confining accoutrement and simply throwing the wind into the caution.  I was under the impression that the first entertainment venues considering re-opening were cinemas (as if I’d risk life and limb to see the upcoming Russell Crowe release).  Then I read of DL Hughley collapsing onstage.  You may ask – where on God’s green earth is a comedy club open to a live audience?  In Nashville, Tennessee (they’ve apparently been open since May 28th).  Before I go on, may I say that I mean no disrespect to anyone – but pandemic or no pandemic, you could not pay me to leave my house to see DL Hughley.  During his SECOND show of the evening (he also did two shows the previous night), Hughley paused, leaned on his stool, and collapsed onto the floor.  The capacity audience at Zanies in Nashville was shocked.  That continued the following day when they learned that Hughley – who had only hours before been spewing verbal barbs in their general direction – had also been spewing corona-laden saliva!

Hughley’s set was part of the Juneteenth Social Awareness-Thon, which also featured Snoop Dogg, Anthony Anderson, and others performing from their respective locales.  It was sponsored by Master Growers CBD and was a fundraiser for their Clean Hands for All campaign to provide 1.5 million bottles of hand sanitizer to people in inner cities.  If Nashville wasn’t on that list before, it is now.


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