Gay Flags Everywhere

At the beginning of June, Big Mama Masters showed me a story on the cover of the Boston Globe about the Unity Flag – which, for those of you who don’t know, is a more inclusive Pride flag.  It’s the traditional rainbow flag, but with a triangle on the left side in black, brown, light blue, pink and white, representing people of color as well as trans individuals.  Well, Big Mama thought this was “so pretty” and had such a great message, she wanted me to go online and order her a big one for the front of the house.  I admit, I rolled my eyes – I’m not a flag kinda guy (you should have seen my eyes when the people across the street put up a flagpole for their US flag, illuminated 24/7 by klieg lights).  Here’s the interesting part – today, I noticed that the people down the street (who I don’t believe have a gay person in their household) have installed the Unity Flag on their porch.

You know where you don’t expect to see any kind of Pride flag?  On a federal government building during the reign of El Presidente.  And yet, one overseas embassy had one in front.  Oh, did I mention it was the US Embassy in Moscow?  Yes, there was the traditional Pride flag, flying proudly within spitting distance of Vladimir Putin – and you know he spat when he saw it.  Not only did the US Ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan, sanction the flag, he also posted a photo of it on the embassy’s official Instagram page, saying (in Russian), “Today, the US Embassy in Russia honors the LGBTI Pride Flag during the #PrideFlagDay celebration.”

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