Scenes Scrubbed on TV

Racial issues continue to be news everywhere – even in entertainment.  Tina Fey has asked syndicators to remove several episodes of 30 Rock because they contain instances of blackface.  Scrubs made a similar move.  Kristen Bell will no longer voice the biracial Molly on Central Park, and Jenny Slate will no longer voice Missy on Big Mouth.  I’m sure by the time this column is published, many more instances will join the list.  As usual, the gays were ahead of the curve on this one.  How long have members of the LGBT community wanted gay roles to be played by gay actors?  Which always begs the question – does that mean that only straight actors can play straight roles?  Weren’t we fighting for the freedom to play any role?  And wasn’t colorblind casting about making all roles available to all ethnicities?  It’s almost to the point that a male will have to drop his drawers before being cast as a Jew.  If someone gets to audition those folks, I have an extensive resume and an exhaustive list of recommendations.

By the by, The Dixie Chicks are no longer The Dixie Chicks.  They are now simply The Chicks.  At this rate, might I suggest stocking up on Dixie Cups…just in case.


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