Ice Ice Cancelled

In a rather bland story, Vanilla Ice planned a concert in Austin called Independence Day Throwback Beach Party – even though it was taking place on Friday, July 3rd.  While venues were shuttered, the beach is connected to a restaurant and doubles as a general admission concert space with a reduced capacity of 2,500 (down from the usual 5K).  With all these loopholes, the show could go on…but not without criticism.  The Travis County Health Department issued the following warning: “The best way to be nostalgic is protecting your parents and grandparents and staying home.”  The event ended up being “postponed”.  The promoter said, “Due to the increase in Covid-19 numbers in Austin, we’re gonna move the concert to a better date.”  It should be noted that Ice played the same venue last year and sold 1,800 tickets.  For this show, a whopping 84 tickets were sold!

By the way, the people of Texas are getting real ornery about the pandemic.  Since most public places have been shut down in light of the spiking number of Covid cases, a group of bar owners (once again in Austin) organized a grassroots movement called Bar Lives Matter.  In addition to publicly protesting, they plan to sue the governor!  These folk feel they’re being singled out and vilified.  “No other businesses are being shut down.  It’s wrong and affecting the livelihood of hundreds of thousands across the state.”  Not so fast – turns out the governor also shut down numerous rafting and tubing establishments.  Back to the ol’ swimming hole.


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