All About Miss KY

Where have I been?  Somehow, Mary Kay Letourneau died…and I missed it.  Of all the pedophiles, she was my favorite.  Happily, we now have Miss Kentucky.  To be accurate, a former Miss KentuckyRamsey BethAnn Carpenter Bearse wore the sash in 2014.  Since then, she became a teacher.  And, like Miss Letourneau, she got entangled with one of her students.  However, since we’re in the digital age, she didn’t sleep with her student.  Nope, she pleaded guilty to texting him some sexually explicit photos.  According to Bearse, she was trying to send a topless photo to her husband, but accidentally sent it to her 15-year-old student.  This leaves me with two salient questions – 1) do teachers typically have their students’ phone numbers in their cell phones; and b) do teachers typically have topless photos on their phones?  I can assure you my junior high teacher, Miss Toperza, didn’t – unless they were chiseled off the side of Stonehenge!  After realizing her mistake, Bearse sent the student an additional three photos!  Why?  Because he asked for them, and she claims she was “afraid to not appease him.”  If she really wanted to “appease him”…well, then she’d have a whole lot more in common with Letourneau.  Bearse has been sentenced to two years in prison, 10 years of supervised release, and must register as a sex offender for the rest of her life.  But, to be fair, she lives in West Virginia, so she probably fits right in.

Fun fact – Bearse is not the first former Miss Kentucky with a rap sheet.  Three years ago, Kia Hampton, Miss Kentucky 2011, was arrested for smuggling marijuana into an Ohio prison.  Three guesses where she hid it.

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