Father Finds Crist

Let’s spin the dials of Billy’s Wayback Machine to 2015.  That’s when it was alleged that Father Peter Miqueli stole over $1 million from his church to give to his boyfriend, Keith Crist – a name I couldn’t make up if I tried.  To be more accurate, Crist was a “boyfriend” with an hourly rate.  Crist got his rent paid, got paid extra for “bondage sessions”, was provided what officials call “ChemSex supplies”, and eventually was given a house.  Isn’t this the plot from season 5 of Breaking Bad?  When this all came out, the priest tried to get treatment at what is referred to as a “rehab facility for priests”.  But they turned him down!  Do you know how fucked up you are to be turned down by a “rehab facility for priests”?  Anyway, he recently died.  Or did he?  A police spokesperson said, “Miqueli was found deceased”.  His family doesn’t know where he was found, how he was found, or where he is now.

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