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You know what has been giving me enormous pleasure?  Seth Rudetsky.  He does two Stars in the House shows each day with his husband, James Wesley, and has raised oodles of money for the Actors Fund.  He’s also doing weekly online concerts with celebrated artists.  How they are doing it live with him playing the piano in one place and the artist singing in another with no audio lag is something the Filth2Go engineers have yet to master.  But they’ve been terrific.  The one with the amazing Audra McDonald was…well, amazing.  He just did a concert with Norm Lewis which was also spectacular.  Upcoming concerts include Megan Hilty on July 26th and Cheyenne Jackson on August 2nd.  Check them out on


Didya know it was Seth who prodded me to do shows online?  When he started doing Stars in the House, I sent him an e-mail of praise.  His response?  “So, why aren’t you doing shows, too?  We’ve got to all pitch in and keep people entertained.”  Now you know who to blame for Billy Masters LIVE!  Last week, we had Rachel Mason, the director of the documentary Circus of Books – about the famed bookstore in West Hollywood which her parents owned.  It was great to hear some behind-the-scenes stories, and even better when we were joined by the store’s current owner, Miss Chi Chi LaRue.  Naturally, we also tackled hard news with New England Cable News commentator, Sue O’ConnellBilly Masters LIVE – your one-stop shopping for news and entertainment.  Every Tuesday and Thursday at 3PM Eastern on or at Billy Masters TV on YouTube.


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