The Bottom of B&B

Our Ask Billy question comes from Will in Chicago: “I know you watch B&B [The Bold and the Beautiful].  Who is the sexy doctor who is treating Steffi?  I bet he’ll become a regular.”

I bet you’re right!  The sexy doctor in question is Tanner Novlan.  And if he looks familiar, you probably recognize him from that commercial where he cannot properly say the words “Liberty Mutual”!  A few years back, he appeared in the film 1313: Giant Killer Bees, which is apparently notorious for lots of gratuitous flesh.  Here is what one Amazon reviewer said: “While the acting was terrible as well, watching guys massage their bodies both on the bed as well as in the shower with extreme closeups for 20-30 minutes of the movie takes it out of the realm of some steamy flesh to add some heat to the movie to a soft-core porn movie.”  Enough – I’m sold!  Plus, Tanner has quite a lovely body and an even better bottom – as you can see on

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