Chris Evans’ Cell Slip

As we were going to press, Chris Evans’ penis was wreaking havoc.  It was a shocking moment.  On his Instagram account, Evans shared a video hanging out with a group of friends playing a game called, ironically enough, “Heads Up!”  At the end of the video, the screen froze on a page showing thumbnails from his camera roll.  And there, amongst other images of the actor, was a close-up of a penis.  While I feel it’s déclassé to discuss a semi-erect phallus, let’s simply say it makes up in girth what it may lack in length.  Some people claim – rightfully so – that we have no idea who the disembodied penis belongs to.  But riddle me this – why would Chris Evans have a photo of someone else’s penis on his cell phone?  Since an image is worth a thousand words, check out

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