Totally Broadway Bare

Our Ask Billy question comes from Jasper in Maine: “Someone sent me these nude photos of a guy who has been on Broadway.  Do you know who he is?”

Fans around the globe constantly ask me to identify nude photos.  Jasper sent me several pics which I easily IDed as Taylor Collins.  But, let me correct him – Taylor isn’t technically a Broadway performer.  To date, he has not appeared on the Great White Way.  He and his fantastic physique have, however, turned up in Chicago – the musical, not the city (although it was a national tour, so perhaps both).  Thus far, Broadway has eluded him.  Taylor has, however, made up for this large gaping hole in his resume by filling other gaping holes – and having some filled.  He and his beau, Alessio Vega, have appeared in…well, to call them “art films” isn’t exactly correct.  Let’s just say there’s a plethora of footage – some of the couple alone, one with Max Konnor, and one where the couple is joined by another twosome.  These bits of celluloid and a variety of photos await you on

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