Bon(m)ers in the Band

I was interested to hear that Jim Parsons and his husband both had the coronavirus back in March.  Jim made the revelation on The Tonight Show, where he was promoting the film remake of The Boys in the Band.  The Netflix production features the full cast from the recent Broadway run.  While it’s great to capture that company on video, it is a pale reproduction of what worked far more effortlessly on stage.  There were some odd moments – like why the string of terrace lights didn’t short out in the rain, or why a hustler who charges only $20 for the night would throw his cowboy hat off the balcony.  And leave it to Ryan Murphy to hit us over the head with a metaphor.  When the storm kicks up and the party moves indoors, they quite literally leave the cake out in the rain!  At least there is some nudity to distract us, courtesy of Andrew Rannells in a flashback with Matt Bomer.  More fulfilling was the sight of Bomer’s slightly fluffed boner.  Those of you who are Netflix-free can see all on

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