Billy Masters & Ed Asner

It has been a crappy week for your beloved Billy.  Throughout this pandemic, I have valiantly tried to remain upbeat.  But, I have been beaten down – thwarted.  That may sound melodramatic, but let me ask you this: how many of you came into this week with fewer teeth than you had the week before?  And let’s throw in a debacle before an international viewing audience.  Seconds after welcoming Ed Asner to Billy Masters LIVE…nothing.  Technical difficulties.  To add insult to injury, someone actually wrote this comment on that show: “Great to see an interview with a Hollywood legend like Ed Asner.”  Frankly, losing a tooth the next day was a step up.

The only thing I have to look forward to is this Tuesday’s Billy Masters LIVE, where I’ll be joined by Randy Roberts and the great Gloria Allred.  Yes, Gloria will tell me how bad things are, but she’ll also explain how we can turn things around.  And Randy will make me laugh – a closed-mouth laugh.  I can’t announce Thursday’s guests yet, but you should definitely tune in.  Watch us on Billy Masters TV on YouTube, or go to


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