McCarthy Cries

Our opening quote could have been, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  Melissa McCarthy’s upcoming flick, Superintelligence, had a carefully thought-out promotional plan.  During 20 Days of Kindness, HBO Max would donate $20K a day to a worthy charity.  What could go wrong, right?  Wrong.  One of the recipients was Exodus Cry, an organization that is against reproductive choice and vilifies the LGBTQ community.  When Melissa heard about this, she was outraged enough to cry through an apology.  “There’s no other way to say it – we blew it.  We made a mistake and we backed a charity that, upon proper vetting, stands for everything that we do not.  So I want to thank everyone on social media who said, ‘What are you doing?  Are you sure you want to back this?’  Because the answer was no, we do not.”  How do you rectify that?  McCarthy says, “We have pulled it.”  So who’s getting that $20K?


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