Viggo Goes Gay

Then there’s Viggo Mortensen – who, by all accounts, is heterosexual.  He’s writing, directing, and starring in his next film.  My God – he’s like the male Streisand.  All he has to do is sing the theme song wearing Lee Press On Nails!  Anyway, Falling is about a homophobic and racist man suffering from dementia.  Viggo plays the man’s son – who happens to be a gay, married man.  Mortensen claims that this is not “a gimmick, anchor, or some trigger”.  In fact, he didn’t originally write the role to be gay – but felt it made for a more compelling story.  He added, “I apologize to all the proctologists for casting David Cronenberg” – who plays a proctologist in the film.  I might add that I don’t believe Viggo ever met any hobbits in real life!

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