Thanksgiving Surprise

You know how Billy Masters LIVE was taking two weeks off for Thanksgiving?  Surprise – we did a special live broadcast on Thanksgiving itself, which you’d have known about if you subscribed for free to our YouTube channel.  On All Thanksgiving Eve, I was struck by the many social media posts from people who were sad to be spending the holiday alone.  Even I, your beloved Billy, was in the same boat – all alone in the sumptuous Filth2Go Beach House in Fort Lauderdale.  So, I thought why not be alone together?  I reached out to the divine Charles Busch and we decided to regale viewers with some gabbing and gossiping.  More than 3,000 people have tuned in as of this writing.  One fan dashed off an incredibly heartfelt thank you note which made it all worthwhile.  You can watch all of our shows on our YouTube channel, Billy Masters TV.  Or just go to

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