Shawn Mendes Mess

I wouldn’t be Billy Masters if I didn’t report on rumors.  After all, that’s my bread and butter (which has more ingredients than Kay’s peanut butter cookies).  This week, Shawn Mendes came out – and explained why he hasn’t come out.  “There was desperation for me to come out as being gay, which is such a ridiculous thing.”  Is it?  Is it ridiculous?  Because when I think of Shawn Mendes being gay…I ain’t laughing!  “It’s just completely ignorant and insensitive of people to be on that shit.”

Shortly after giving that interview, Shawn was…well, ignorant and insensitive.  During the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball, Shawn referred to Sam Smith as “he”, when Smith prefers “they”.  He (being Mendes) apologized via Instagram, which is what the kids do: “I’m so sorry for referring to you as a ‘he’ for your jingle ball introduction.  It absolutely slipped my mind.  Won’t happen again.  Sending you so much love!  Also you absolutely are one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.”  And I’m sure Sam, like me, never gets tired of hearing that!

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