Reflections of 2020

Before moving on, let’s wrap up 2020.  Kirk Cameron made news – looking like a slightly younger, slightly gayer Neil Patrick Harris – by hosting a caroling event (as straight men apparently do).  Candace Cameron Bure deftly deflected and shoved him under the bus by saying that she was not in attendance.  Thanks, sis.

Tyler Posey placed the star on his tree bottomless.  Well, perhaps not bottomless – he was, after all, in the photo!  Meanwhile, Elton John dressed as Santa and promised to resume his farewell tour.  All snaps on our website.


And we said farewell to 2020 on Billy Masters LIVE with a wildly popular year-end edition.  Tens of thousands have tuned in so far, making it our most-viewed episode.  We’ll be back with new shows soon.  In the meantime, check out all 75 episodes of season one on Billy Masters TV on YouTube or at


We’d also like to acknowledge the passing of Broadway great Rebecca Luker, only months after revealing she had ALS.  Party Monster killer, Michael Alig, died of a suspected heroin overdose.  And Marcus D’Amico – who appeared as Mouse in the first miniseries based on Tales of the City – died of pneumonia at 55.

To the world, she was Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island.  But I want to remember my friend, Dawn Wells.  Let me take you back about 15 years to LAX at the height of the holiday season.  A storm was raging back east and most flights were cancelled.  People were frantically trying to get one of the last remaining seats to New York.  I found myself near the front of the line when I saw Dawn.  We’d only met briefly in the past, but I wasn’t gonna let Mary Ann go to the back of the line.  I silently slipped her in front of me (a technique I’ve perfected over the years).  As the gate attendant tried to find her a single seat, she corrected them.  “Two seats – for me and my friend,” she said, gesturing to me.  She got us on that flight (in Business, if I recall correctly) and we had a great time.  Rest in peace.


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