Meghan’s Back Swinging

It didn’t take Meghan McCain long to stir things up on The View.  She does two things I can’t stand: 1) she repeats the same point three times in a single sentence without pausing for a breath; and B) she gets mad when people interrupt her – which she does incessantly.  On Meghan’s second day, she interrupted Joy – who stood her ground and said, “Excuse me, I’m not done.”  McCain teased that Joy missed her when she was on maternity leave.  “I did not!  I did not miss you!  ZERO!”  Make no mistake – the queen of interrupting is Joy Behar.  When doing a virtual talk show, you must wait for someone to stop speaking before you start – or nobody hears anything.  Behar has something to say after virtually every person speaks.  What they should do is turn off people’s mikes until it is their time to talk.  That tip was free – no charge, ABC.

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