Tanya’s Gone…AGAIN

Speaking of dying, Tanya Roberts is dead.  And, yes, this time it took.  After I sent out my last column, a friend chastised me for not mentioning the death of the last lady to join TV’s Charlie’s Angels – to say nothing of Sheena (of the jungle, not of Easton).  The next morning, I woke up to find her alive!  As I said to Loni Anderson on Billy Masters LIVE last season: I read about that once before in a book…and I didn’t buy it then!  Being a cynic, I thought it was a publicity stunt.  Tanya’s dead; then she’s alive; then she writes a book; then she’s on The View.  No such luck.  Rest in peace, Tanya.  And let her death be a cautionary tale – pee before walking your dog.  The more you know…


Joan Collins is poised to publish yet another memoir.  Life AD stands for Life After Dynasty – although I anticipate many more “AD” jokes.  Her publisher says “the 87-year-old actress’s diary entries are unapologetic”, and adds that she “doesn’t care”.  I bet she cares that they’re revealing she’s 87.  They also claim that Dame Joan’s diaries are “as scandalous as Andy Warhol’s.”  In a recent interview, Collins described this pandemic as the worst thing she’s ever lived through – including the Bubonic Plague (and there’s your first “AD” joke). 

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