The Battle for Lucy

As I already told you, a new Sex and the City series is going forward…sans Samantha.  There was an amazingly well-written piece in Rolling Stone where they proclaimed “Kim Cattrall was MVP of SATC”.  One line jumped out at me.  “At its core, Sex and the City is neither about sex nor the city, nor shoes, nor Chris Noth’s cleft chin, nor inexplicably wearing belts around your midriff – it’s about the enduring power of female friendship.”  Without that core, there may be three interesting ladies chatting, but there’ll always be the spectre of Kim Cattrall hovering over everything; saying what needed to be said, but what none of the others could.  I smell disaster.

Elsewhere on TV, Aaron Sorkin has signed on to make a film about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz called Being the Ricardos – in other words, a film about the actors working on the show.  This will focus on the real Desi and Lucy.  The person originally tapped for the redhead was Cate Blanchett – a fine actress, a curious choice, but I was intrigued.  This week, Blanchett is out and Nicole Kidman is in.  If they are looking for the person behind the character, they’re gonna have a tough time prying off that mask Kidman calls a face.  The fans are most upset that Debra Messing was not even considered – and she admits she coveted the role.  Fans turned to Lucie Jr. and Desi Jr., who are listed as producers.  But they have no power, and Little Lu is pretty much staying out of it.  Stay tuned.

Nick Jonas is being approached about doing a live TV version of Jersey Boys.  That’s something I could get behind…repeatedly.

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