Transfer of Power

“I was too innocent and too GAY to deserve a Pardon from Trump.”  
Joe Exotic.  It was the crazy stretch limo sitting outside the prison that made me laugh. 
Like there’s a pardon, and POOF, he could just walk out the door.

I am sad to report that my favorite pair of jeans will soon be no more.  Surely given the state of our world, this seems inconsequential.  But these are my lucky jeans – and I mean that literally.  I have gotten lucky scores of times in these jeans.  It’s like that old Elizabeth Taylor perfume commercial, when she takes off her earrings, tosses them on a gambling table, and says, “These have always brought me luck, guv’nor.”  OK, she may not have said “guv’nor”, but it was certainly implied.  My jeans are wearing and tearing in the knees, and let us not even speak of the seat (you may fill in your own joke).  Of course, it may be because of these well-positioned tears that I’ve gotten lucky more often than Elizabeth Taylor!


In more pressing news (although I do find it hard to believe anything is more pressing than my favorite jeans), we’ve got one last story about El Presidente – at least while he still had the title.  Upon leaving Andrews Air Force Base and any vestiges of power, he again made the curious choice to play The Village People’s hit “Y.M.C.A.”  Taking the gay connotation out of the equation, there is nothing in the lyrics of the song that makes me identify it with either a president or power or country.  Then again, I also don’t understand his use of Laura Branigan’s “Gloria”, which was his other exit song.  There’s probably a subliminal message, but I can’t figure it out.  Maybe the voices in his head are calling “Gloria”…and “Y.M.C.A.”

I am happy that the Inauguration occurred without incident.  Yes, I had an impending sense of doom about the festivities.  And then it hit me – who would followers of the last president favor less than Mr. Biden?  A woman of any color!  So, Joe was safe.  Still, I wouldn’t have been surprised if a gaggle of Sandinistas jumped out from under Lady Gaga’s dress.  All in all, I must say this – I continue to be proud to be an American..


Someone wrote me after watching Pete Buttigieg’s confirmation hearings saying, “I’m so proud to be gay”.  This got me thinking.  Was this person not proud to be gay prior to seeing Pete Buttigieg on TV?  No offense to Mayor Pete – who seems to be smart, articulate, and qualified.  But it made me think about Hillary Clinton; every time she ran for something, there was this idea that if you were a woman and didn’t vote for her, you were self-loathing.  What if you were a woman who disagreed with her politics?  Why is it an assumption that because she’s a woman, women should support her?  Trust me, there are many gay people I’m not so fond of.  I am far more delighted to support Buttigieg for being intelligent than because of where he falls on the gay scale.


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