Covid Vaccine Shortage

“I am happy to report that today, I took my dear friend Jo Anne Worley
to get her first COVID-19 vaccination!  Not only that, several nurses and
doctors recognized her and came over to the car to have a fan moment!”
A friend posted this on Facebook.  Slowly but surely, some of our elder
entertainers are getting vaccinated.  So, who’s bringing Betty White??

Neither snow nor rain nor pandemic could keep me from the swift completion of my appointed rounds in Fort Lauderdale.  Yes, this week I am coming to you from the lovely Filth2Go Beach House, which needed my attention.  Meanwhile back in Boston, Big Mama and Big Daddy are in a tizzy.  Although seniors over 75 can get their first vaccine shot, my parents are unable to secure an appointment.  Desperate as they may be, they are not desperate enough to go to either Gillette Stadium or Fenway Park – which, despite its name, does not have much parking.


I watched the Inauguration with my parents, and vividly recall when the camera focused on Bernie Sanders.  The anchor said, “And there’s Bernie Sanders – he looks…” and before the person could say “warm” or “comfortable” or “bundled up”, Big Mama Masters finished the sentence as only she could – “like an asshole!”  Yes, it’s been two weeks, and we’re still talking about Bernie’s mittens.  Should you not be aware, the mittens – made of repurposed wool – were created by Jen Ellis, a second grade teacher in Essex Junction, Vermont.  She also happens to be a lesbian with a problem – she has over 12K orders for mittens that she is unable to fulfill.  Should you be thinking of sleeping with her to get bumped to the front of the line, think again.  Jen has a partner…and a child.  And if there’s one thing I know about lesbians, they aren’t willing to cheat just to make a buck (as opposed to gay men, who will cheat to get a better parking spot).  I’m pleased to report that Jen just partnered with the Vermont Teddy Bear Company to meet the growing demand – and will donate a portion of the proceeds to charity.  Mittens for everyone!

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