Farewell Cloris & Cicely

It’s been a sad week for the Billy Masters Empire.  I owe some of my early success to Cloris Leachman.  In conspiratorial details that will be revealed in my forthcoming memoirs, Cloris asked me to slip a story into my column.  I wrote it with my usual aplomb, it got picked up everywhere, and led to my first credits in the mainstream press.  I believe it also led to my being included in Hot Topics on The View.  Cloris was delighted with the results.  She was a great gal – smart, talented, lovely, and bawdy.  She could do anything – and did…for 94 years.

I’d also like to acknowledge the passing of the 96-year-old Miss Cicely Tyson – whom I only met once, but who made an indelible impression on me.  She was a little bit of a thing, but she was clearly not one to trifle with.


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