Armie’s Out, Josh is In

Every once in a while, I think about Josh Duhamel – who was a staple of this column due to his full-frontal photos (we’ll post them again).  Thanks to Armie Hammer’s meltdown, Josh has a new gig.  As you’ll recall, Hammer was set to star in a frothy Jennifer Lopez flick.  Since JLo has no need for bad publicity, Hammer was dumped and Duhamel was hired for Shotgun Wedding.  At the time, Hammer still had options.  He planned to star in The Offer – a limited series about the making of The Godfather.  That series, which begins shooting any day now, suddenly finds itself in need of a lead as Hammer was quietly asked to leave.  He was also supposed to appear in Gaslit, a miniseries about the Watergate scandal which will star Julia Roberts and Sean Penn.  Once again, he’s out.  In a situation that has gone from bad to worse, Armie has also been dropped by his agents and publicist.

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