Billy Salutes Supremes

My favorite pop artists have been all-female groups from different eras – The Supremes, The Pointer Sisters, The Go-Go’s and The BanglesThe Supremes hold a special place in my heart.  While I have met every living Supreme, Mary Wilson made the biggest impression on me – mostly for her accomplishments in the face of huge obstacles.  When I got the call that she had passed away at what I consider the young age of 76, a little part of me died.  While it seemed unlikely that we’d ever see Diana, Mary and Cindy reunite onstage, I always held out hope that someday they’d be together.

We’ll be celebrating Mary Wilson on Tuesday’s episode of Billy Masters LIVE with some amazing guests – close friends, colleagues, producers, and biographers will come together to pay tribute to Mary and The Supremes’ legacy.  On Thursday, Eric Roberts will look back on his remarkable career.  And let me take a moment to toot my own horn – while I still can!  Last week, we returned for season two, and I was curious how many people would tune in after a six-week hiatus.  As of this writing, over four thousand of you watched me interview the magnificent Melissa Manchester.  Check out our YouTube channel Billy Masters TV, or just go to

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