Susanne’s Intruder

Yes, I’m another year older and, given the alternative, that’s fine.  I didn’t purposely avoid mentioning my birthday – I simply forgot.  During these Covid days, I have no concept of date or time.  I thank you all for the messages, and I am grateful to be healthy.  I’m no spring chicken at 52.  But as Sophia Petrillo said, every year without a headstone is a milestone.


Doing television during quarantine is tricky – anything can happen.  I’ve had my dog or a family member wander in during Billy Masters LIVE.  But Suzanne Somers found herself in a different situation.  She’s sitting on her patio, dressed in black, wearing some kinda crazy hat and veil like she was going to a royal wedding (by the way, Meghan Markle is pregnant again).  Somers was in the middle of giving a makeup tutorial and talking to dozens of fans on Facebook Live.  All of a sudden, she hears a noise behind her.  Could it be a coyote, an antelope, Joyce DeWitt?  Somers asked if someone was there.  A male voice responded, “I’m here”.  Suzanne then inexplicably said, “Come here” – like she was introducing her first guest.  In stumbles a fan who is described as “nearly naked”.  In actual fact, Aaron Carpenter was wearing underwear or a swimsuit.  He said ghosts were following him – although on repeated listening, he may very well have said “goats”.  He brought Suzanne a gift – a special mug.  She declined, saying, “I don’t want anything”.  The guy and his mug left peacefully.  He was later interrogated by the police, and let go with a warning.  Somewhere, Priscilla Barnes is asking law enforcement to give Aaron her address.

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