Jodie’s Got No Secrets

You know what you can count on every year after the Golden Globes?  Headlines stating that it was the lowest-rated show ever!  True to form, this was once again the case – with a twist.  “Golden Globes Ratings Fall To All-Time Low for NBC”.  It may have previously had lower ratings on another network, but this is NBC’s lowest.  And I didn’t help things.  Not only did I not tune in live, I didn’t even scan through the show for six days.  And here’s my honest review – I didn’t miss much.  I didn’t find it terrible.  Even pre-pandemic, the Globes are…well, anemic (but a great party).  Still, I love any show where Jamie Lee Curtis gets to show off her Golden Globes.  “They are now well-fed.  They are back in the stable.  They don’t need to come out for another five years,” says Curtis.  The phrase “ridden hard and put away wet” springs to mind.  So does the phrase, “You get what you paid for.”

Remember that long, rambling speech Jodie Foster made back in 2013 when she won the Cecil B. DeMille Award?  That was when she said she was going public with a secret, that wasn’t really a secret, but maybe she wouldn’t tell the secret – because then it wouldn’t be a secret any longer.  Now it’s eight years later, and she celebrated her award win by kissing her wife.  Jodie married Alexandra Hedison in 2014 – the year after she toyed with sharing her big secret.  BTW, Alexandra had previously been in a relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, who is currently with Portia De Rossi, who – fun fact – legally petitioned to change her name to Portia Lee James DeGeneres.  I don’t think the Lee has anything to do with Jamie Lee, but let’s say she did.

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