Sharon Stands By Piers

Then there’s this whole Piers Morgan/Sharon Osbourne mess.  Piers doesn’t like Meghan.  They were “friendly” until she started dating Harry.  Then she cut him out of her life.  He didn’t like it.  The end.  By standing up for his Queen and saying he didn’t believe Meghan’s slights were race-based, this made him a racist.  His friend Sharon Osbourne came to his defense – not for the things he said (some of which she pointedly disagreed with), but for his right to say them as a commentator.  And, poof, she, too, was a racist.  This led to one of the most awkward half hours in television history on The Talk.  When Sharon asked if Sheryl Underwood – who has worked by her side for a decade – thought she was a racist, it was eerily reminiscent of The View when Rosie O’Donnell asked if Elisabeth Hasselbeck thought she was against the troops.  The only thing missing was a split screen!  Unlike Elisabeth, who sheepishly voiced support for Rosie, Sheryl insinuated that Sharon was guilty of “unconscious bias”.  When Sharon asked if it was possible to criticize a person of color and not be accused of being racist, the point was glossed over awkwardly.  Sharon has not quit the show (yet) nor refused to show up for work (yet), but the damage has been clearly done – culminating in Sharon releasing an (unnecessary) apology on social media.  CBS is allegedly investigating the matter and the show has gone on an emergency hiatus.

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