Christopher Atkins Bare

I’ll be waiting with Christopher Atkins.  Oh, yes, THAT Christopher Atkins – the pin-up that everyone reading this column had impure thoughts about (and wore out the stripping scene on their VHS copy of A Night in Heaven).  I used to dream about walking into my high school reunion with Atkins on my arm.  The next best thing is Christopher Atkins coming on Billy Masters LIVE – and if you read that phrase the correct way, it’s awfully titillating.  On Thursday, March 25th at 3PM Eastern / Noon Pacific, we’ll talk about his acting, his modeling, the highs, the lows, and if he’ll buy me a corsage.  You can watch on our YouTube channel Billy Masters TV or on

Last Thursday’s show was a HOOT!  Martha Wash is a diva who dishes.  She tells it like it is and, honey, I was surprised by some of the things she had to say.  When Jeanie Tracy joined us, we got into some Sylvester stories.  I think we’ll do a whole Sylvester tribute show during Pride month.

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