More Nudity on Riverdale

Our Ask Billy question comes from George in Pasadena: “I heard that someone on Riverdale did gay porn.  Who was it?  My money’s on KJ Apa.”

While Apa has shown his share of skin, it wasn’t him – although a year or so ago, a photo of an erect penis surfaced that allegedly stems from one of his online trysts.  And it wasn’t Charles Melton, who plays Reggie (actually he’s the second Reggie, but that’s another story).  The closest Melton got to gay porn was posing nude for D&G.  The Riverdale actor who allegedly did gay porn was Tommy Martinez, who plays Malachai.  But let’s be clear – he also allegedly did straight porn.  He goes under the name Logan, and his most memorable scene is called She Sucks It So Good #31.  Needless to say, all of these guys can be found on


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