Train Wreck At The Talk

During a View sketch on Saturday Night Live, Cheri Oteri (as BW) said, “Some people call it a train wreck – we call it The View.”  Let’s welcome The Talk to train wreck status.  We left the ladies doing two more shows after Sheryl was manipulated by the show’s executive producers to nail Sharon Osbourne to a cross.  Her crime?  Saying that Piers Morgan – who is paid to be a pundit – is entitled to speak his mind.  Despite disagreeing with him, Sharon was branded a racist.  She has since revealed that for the first time in Talk history, she was not prepped for the segment(s), nor was she given any cards with questions or talking points.  That’s because the questions all went to Sheryl and Elaine, the two women of color on the panel – and they were allegedly instructed to take turns cross-examining Sharon.  Could Osbourne have been more thoughtful or eloquent?  Sure – if she had cards written for her, or perhaps been given a chance to prepare.

The Talk promptly went on hiatus while CBS launched a formal investigation.  Then Sharon went public, calling this ambush “the biggest setup ever”.  She also revealed that the co-hosts made a pact a few months ago that they would never set up a fellow co-host to answer something emotional that they were not prepared for.  So, she’s not happy.  “I wish that we could go on and have an adult conversation, calmly, and work it out but I don’t know whether we can.  I don’t know whether it’s gone past that.  But I don’t know whether I even want to go back.  I don’t know whether I’m wanted there.”  The hiatus has been extended twice.  Initially, it was for two days.  Then it was through this Monday – due to a basketball pre-emption.  Now CBS has decided to make the hiatus two weeks.


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