Billy’s Got Mack Beggs

I know you were all watching Billy Masters LIVE with my special guest, Christopher Atkins.  I had no idea the whole show would be about penises!  Flaccid penises, semi-erect penises, and lots of talk about – you guessed it – penises (with numerous visual aids).  When preparing for the show, I watched a whole lotta Christopher Atkins, to the point that my carpal tunnel started flaring up.  Turns out, he’s done loads of full-frontal work, which you know I brought up – and which you can see on  We also discussed memorable moments in his past, present, and future – which includes writing, directing, and reality.  And ghosts!  Oh, and a juicy story about Gina Lollobrigida!  I kid you not.  Check it out on our YouTube channel Billy Masters TV or on

Believe it or not, it’s our anniversary.  Our first official episode was on March 31, 2020.  Time flies…in quarantine!  So on Thursday, April 1st, we’ve got another episode ripped from the headlines.  Have you been following the story of Mack Beggs?  He’s the trans male wrestler who is fighting for his right to compete against men and not women.  Mack will be our special guest, so definitely tune into Billy Masters LIVE.  ‘Cause if we’re there, we’re live.

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