Ruta & Billy Together Again

Without question, it would be blasphemous to miss a single episode of Billy Masters LIVE.  Last week, we celebrated our one-year anniversary with my favorite sparring partner – NECN political commentator Sue O’Connell.  Then we were joined by Mack Beggs, the trans male wrestler fighting for the rights of all trans athletes.  It was a provocative conversation which – and brace yourselves – actually got me to consider changing my often intransigent views.  We didn’t come up with any solutions, but maybe you will when you watch it on our YouTube channel Billy Masters TV or on

Things will get very lively on Thursday, April 8th when I’m joined by one of my favorite people.  Ruta Lee is a Hollywood legend and one of the great raconteurs.  From classic films like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, to timeless small-screen shows like The Twilight Zone, or stage musicals like Hello, Dolly, she always delivers.  Her new autobiography, Consider Your Ass Kissed is filled with dish and dirt up and down Hollywood Boulevard – where she has a Star!  We’ll talk about her life, career, and philanthropy – primarily as a founding member of The Thalians.  Consider yourself reminded to tune in.


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