Delve Deep with Del

Last week’s Billy Masters LIVE featured Del Shores – the prolific playwright, director, producer, and all-around auteur.  We’ve known each other for years, but have never been particularly close.  I have enormous respect for him and his work – in fact, the last play I saw prior to the pandemic was This Side of Crazy, his latest effort at the Zephyr Theatre in Los Angeles.  So when I had a last-minute opening in my schedule, I asked Del to be on, and he graciously accepted.  There are some who feel perhaps I was a bit intrusive with some of my questions.  What can I say?  I’m a naturally curious person, and I ask the questions many of you have.  Afterwards, Del said he enjoyed himself and found the interview “cathartic”.  If you want to know things that only I would ask, check out Billy Masters LIVE on our YouTube channel Billy Masters TV or on  And, again, thanks Del!

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