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One of my proofreaders is quite taken with Ashley Parker Angel’s recent nearly nude photos.  For those who don’t know, the former O-Town singer likes to post sexy pics on social media – a holdover from his days with Lou Pearlman, no doubt.  I never tire of looking at every inch of Angel – who was not only delightful on Broadway in Hairspray, but is also a delight in person (perhaps I’ll have him on Billy Masters LIVE).  To tide you over, I’ll post some of his more sizzling snaps on


Our Ask Billy question comes from Paul in Indianapolis: “What do you know about Blake McCoy?  I heard he accidentally posted a nude photo online, which he’s taken down.  Can you find it?”

First, let me answer the obvious question – who the fuck is Blake McCoy?  He’s one of those regional news anchors who bounces from city to city – most recently, our nation’s capital.  He was bounced from that gig after Tweeting the following: “I’m annoyed obese people of all ages get priority vaccine access before all essential workers…Vaccinate all essential workers.  Then obese.”  But what does he think about vaccinating obese essential workers?    Days later, he posted an Instastory of two men fucking!  On video!  He quickly took it down, claiming it was posted by someone who borrowed his phone.  My sources swear that McCoy was the top in that footage.  Check it out on

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