Sarah Paulson’s Tripp

Weight was also in the news for women.  No one will deny that Sarah Paulson is one of our greatest actresses.  And, as a favorite of auteur Ryan Murphy, it was no surprise she was cast in his upcoming Impeachment: American Crime Story.  However, people couldn’t quite picture the svelte Paulson as the rotund Linda Tripp – she of the loose lips about Monica Lewinsky (whose lips were otherwise occupied).  When photos of a stout Sarah surfaced from the set, scuttlebutt spread that the actress was wearing a fat suit.  And many wondered – why not hire a fat actress?  They believe Paulson’s casting sends a message that plump actresses are unhireable.  Which leads to my usual argument – why not hire the best actress?  Paulson has proven to me that she can play any role.  Show me an actress of the same caliber and cache who looks more like Linda Tripp and is available (this might be a good time to point out that Tripp was played on Saturday Night Live by John Goodman).  I would like us to get to the point where the best actor gets the part – regardless of their weight, creed, sexual orientation, or age.

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