Disney Goes Gay

We hear that the upcoming Cruella starring Emma Stone is a hoot and a half.  The extra half-a-hoot comes from Disney’s first openly gay character named Artie, played by John McCrea.  He’s a member of Cruella’s gang, and we hear he has a good amount of screen time and saves the life of another character.  And he’s fifth-billed, which says something.

OMG – another Disney story!!!  Joshua Bassett just came out.  Who?  He’s on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series – which, if you ask me, has one too many colons.  His revelation came about almost matter-of-factly.  He was asked in a video interview about performers he admires.  He chose Harry Styles.  “He’s cool, he’s just cool…who doesn’t think Harry Styles is cool?  Also, he’s hot, you know?  He’s very charming, too.  Lots of things.”  He then added, “This is also my coming out video, I guess.”


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