Italian Stud Comes Out?

This week’s Ask Billy question comes from Mark in Cyberspace: Michele Morrone – the super hot star of the popular Netflix Italian drama 365 DNI posted a photo of himself and his equally hot male costar Simone Susinna with the caption, ‘I’m a liar’.  Is this his way of coming out?  If anyone would know the real story, it would be you.”

Alas, he’s not coming out.  Referring to Simone, Michele says, “He became a very good friend of mine, we’re like brothers.  We’re shooting a movie together.  It was just a picture.  Nothing more.”  He added, “An actor is a kind of liar.  That’s why I wrote that.  Acting…as someone who is not.  I didn’t come out.  So, I’m so sorry for the confusion.  As I said, I’m a big supporter of the LGBT community.  There’s a lot of young guys and girls…  They would love to come out but they don’t do it because of their families.  You know, happiness is priceless, guys.  Peace and love, I love you so much.”  Gay or straight, he’s mighty hot – as you’ll see on


When we’re extolling the significant virtues of a self-proclaimed ally, it’s definitely time to end another column.  Based on a suggestion, members of our website will soon get an e-mail with the column when it goes live – including a link to all photos and videos.  Since we’re running a Pride Month sale, this is the perfect time to check out – the site that’s proud 365 days a year.  For all your pressing needs, write to, and I promise to get back to you before Frankie Grande realizes he was only cast because of who his sister is!  Until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.

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