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Last week, Billy Masters LIVE finally welcomed Norman Korpi and Eric Nies to discuss The Real World Homecoming: New York.  It took forever to arrange.  Paramount+ did not want them talking to me while the series was airing.  Shortly thereafter, Norman was busy.  Then Eric was out of the country.  Then he extended his stay in Peru.  But we made it happen.  It was an interesting talk about Nies getting Covid, how not being in the house was a blessing and a curse, and how the fight between Becky and Kevin changed everything.  And, naturally, we talked about Norman’s revived artwork – which you can get on  In the middle of the show, a tornado was headed for Korpi’s house – talk about drama!  Meanwhile, Eric ( continues his zen living in Peru, guiding people with ayahuasca trips, and telling one of our viewers that his sleep apnea could be repressed childhood trauma or stem from a past life!  It was quite a show, so you should definitely watch Billy Masters LIVE on our YouTube channel Billy Masters TV or on

By the by, I’m taking a couple of weeks off.  As we close in on 100 shows, I need a little break.  Well, from the show.  After all, I’m having quite a social life…but that’s another story.

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