Mr. Gay New Zealand

We haven’t had an Ask Billy question in a couple of weeks because…well, they’ve all been dull!  Until Bruce in Tampa wrote this: “Have you heard about Mr. Gay New Zealand?  Did he actually get a penis enlargement?”

This is the kinda story I can really sink my teeth into.  First, let me clarify – this is about a FORMER Mr. Gay New Zealand with a most unfortunate name – Max Small.  A variety of photos of Mr. Small in various levels of arousal have gone through rigorous analysis from our experts.  One thing is certain – there appears to be more…shall we say, “fullness” to his current phallus.  A few days of blueballs will do that to you.  Since I wouldn’t be comfortable making a ruling without more evidence, I will allow you, the jury, to examine this a bit closer on


When we can’t decide if Mr. Small is a grow-er or a show-er,  it’s time to end yet another column.  I showed up in Provincetown to see Steven Brinberg’s Simply Barbra at The Art House.  As usual, he was simply sublime.  The vocals were never better, and the song choices were clever – one wishes Babs had Brinberg’s balls.  The guest appearance by Edmund Bagnell – whose own show at The Crown and Anchor on Tuesdays is packing them in – was a delicious layer of icing on an already rich cake.  For more surprises, check out – the site that welcomes all things great and small.  You can always drop a note to, and I promise to get back to you before I host a Simon Rex Film Festival on Billy Masters LIVE (we’re on hiatus for another couple of weeks).  Until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.

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