Shows Go on in Ptown

Your beloved Billy was almost a goner.  For a split second, I was certain that I had the big C.  No, not cancer – the coronavirus.  Yes, I’ve been vaccinated, and yes, I asked everyone I’ve slept with for proof of vaccination.  But, people lie.  After the cluster of Delta variant cases from Fourth of July festivities in Provincetown, concern was in the air.  When I came down with cold symptoms 10 days later, even my usual laissez-faire attitude was challenged.  So I made haste to get tested – better safe than sorry, as the saying goes.  I am happy to report I have nothing more contagious than a nasty New England summer cold.


While life goes on in Ptown, people are on tenterhooks…whatever those are.  An indoor mask mandate has just been announced.  How this will affect things remains to be seen.  In terms of shows, I know that Billy Francesca cut his run short due to corona concern.  Steve Grand was in town for two weeks, and posted the following: “I tested positive for Covid-19 today.  I’m fully vaccinated.  I started experiencing symptoms last Friday, a day after I flew back from Ptown.  I say this not to alarm, but to notify anyone who had contact with me while I was there.”  If you had “contact” with Steve, consider yourself notified – and feel free to send us details (and videos).

By the way, I have been duly chastised that all of my reports regarding shows to see in Ptown omitted the Red Room at Velvet.  And, it’s true – this is the best kept secret in Provincetown.  Nobody has mentioned it to me – with the exception of a Thursday night underwear party!  While that event hasn’t made its way onto their website, I do see a full lineup of stellar talent – anchored by my bon ami, Jimmy James, who is there all season long with Love Is In The Air.  With pals like Jackie Beat in See Me While I’m Still Alive (August 10-14) and Lady Bunny’s Pig in a Wig (Aug 13-17), I’m tempted to zip down.  You can get more details at


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