Dancing Star Woes

There’s been lots of talk that Meghan McCain might compete on the next season of Dancing in the Stars (which is what Barbara Walters used to call it).  Given her departure from The View, I suspect we’ll be robbed of Meg’s moving tribute to Fantasia during Disney Week.  Other potential dancers include Countess Luann de Lesseps, LeAnn Rimes, and even Fran Drescher – who is running for president of the Screen Actors Guild.  If she’s got too much on her plate, might I recommend outgoing SAG pres Gabrielle Carteris?

As we put this column together, breaking news came in that an alum from DWTS had been arrested.  Actually, it would only be news if it were a name we recognized.  Hayes Grier competed in 2015 and was known as an influencer on Vine.  Remember Vine?  Hayes (who is kinda cute) was arrested for assaulting someone and stealing his cellphone.  Oh, and his victim may have a brain injury?


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