Gay Covid Breakthrough

We’ve all heard about the breakthrough Covid cases from July 4th in Provincetown.  But let’s talk about the hot gay guy who put the pieces together.  Michael Donnelly is a data scientist from NYC.  He wasn’t in Ptown over the 4th, but his husband and friends were.  He noted that people in the same cluster were having the same symptoms shortly after returning home.  He started charting the data and plotting the cases and saw a correlation.  He shared his findings with the CDC, making it the most thorough – and quickly studied – cluster since the pandemic began.  The bad news – well, aside from Donnelly having a husband – is that gay men dancing indoors on a cold and soggy July 4th weekend created a perfect storm.  The silver lining is that Provincetown quickly enacted an indoor mask policy.  Since then, infection rates have dropped from 15% to about 4%.


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