Nude Men Get Down

Here’s a story that has a surprise twist.  A new production of Naked Boys Singing is opening in Las Vegas on September 8th.  It will run through November 28th at the Jewel Box Theatre in the Erotic Heritage Museum.  Here’s where the story takes an interesting twist – the production will star Aaron Carter!  Tickets start at $75, go up to $95 if you want a meet & greet, or $145 to sit in the first row.  I’m not sure what’s more shocking – Aaron performing nude, Aaron singing live, or getting to meet Aaron for only 20 bucks!  “I’m so excited to enter the theater world again in Naked Boys Singing!  I look forward to having a great time and being a part of Vegas reopening,” said Carter.  We’re not sure which role Aaron will play – I don’t think he could pull off “Perky Little Porn Star” or “Naked Maid”, but perhaps he could handle “Bliss of a Bris”.  What we do know is that this will be the five-actor, 60-minute abbreviated version of the show.  For tickets, go to


A far more pleasing display of male nudity came courtesy of Men’s Health with cover boy, Christopher Meloni.  While he doesn’t show all, the 60-year-old proves that a Speedo body need not have an expiration date.  He also shares his workout secrets, which have given him an unusual skill.  “I catch flies with my ass cheeks, like a Venus flytrap.”  Would that I were that fly!  For more visuals, check out


Our Ask Billy mailbag was full of questions about The White Lotus.  After the first episode, a flurry of notes came in asking if those were Steve Zahn’s real testicles (he claims it was another actor wearing a prosthetic).  But it was episode four which flooded my mailbox.  Henry from New Hampshire wrote in first: “Did you see Murray Bartlett and Lukas Gage going at it on The White Lotus?”

If Gage looks familiar, it’s probably from the viral video last year of a director making fun of his apartment during a Zoom casting session.  Seeing Murray wedged between Lukas’ seemingly clenched cheeks was a surprise I didn’t see coming.  It also came as a surprise to the writer.  The script simply said that the characters were caught having sex.  Bartlett and Gage were the ones who came up with the rimming scenario.  “Let’s show something that is a natural part of sex for a lot of queer people,” said Murray.  Gage apparently agrees: “I can’t wait for my ass to get retweeted all over the Internet.”  Your wish is my command – you can see it at


When we’re bringing you a hot ass, we’ve definitely come to the end of yet another column.  Each and every week, we bring you the best in gossip on – the site that doesn’t stop ‘til you get enough.  If you need even more, drop a note to me at, and I promise to get back to you before filmmakers head to Provincetown to shoot an all-gay version of Hidden Figures.  So, until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.


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