Controversy at ABC

Controversy is a-brewin’ at General Hospital – and it’s all about the coronavirus!  It all started when sexy Steve Burton tested positive for Covid-19 and asserted that he contracted it on the set.  This led many of his colleagues to call for a vaccine mandate for actors and crew members.  Then Ingo Rademacher spoke out in favor of the anti-vax cause, which led to a #FireIngo campaign online.  He lashed out at those attacking him saying, “I really dislike you at this point.  I think that you’re bigots and I think you know it.  To do something like that to another person characterizes who you are.  You’re a horrible, horrible person.”  I don’t think he likes them.

ABC has planned a first for the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars.  After years of discussion, the show will feature a same-sex competitive dancing pair.  YAY!  But, does it have to be JoJo Siwa?  I know that two women together is less threatening to the American public, but would it really be so bad seeing someone like Greg Louganis doing the samba with Derek Hough?  The full cast will be revealed on Good Morning America on September 8th, and the new season begins on September 20th.


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