New Naked Boys Singing

Faithful readers were probably as perplexed as I was when reporting the casting of Aaron Carter in the Las Vegas company of Naked Boys Singing!.  I was skeptical that the venture would get far, but I didn’t expect him to pull out so abruptly – I hate when men do that!  “We are disappointed and a bit embarrassed to announce that Aaron Carter will not be appearing in the Las Vegas production of Naked Boys Singing!.  Within a few days of the announcement, it became clear, for multiple reasons, that Aaron’s participation…was not going to work out.  We requested his letter of resignation and received it on Monday,” say the producers.  I thought only people like the President of the United States asked for letters of resignation.  Onto the good news – strike that, GREAT news.  A number of stunning talented guys are in the cast: David Hernandez from American Idol, Matthew Ludwinski from Going Down in LA-LA Land, Chris Salvatore from Eating Out, Marcus Terrell from America’s Got Talent, and Vegas headliner Louis D’Aprile.  The 11-week residency begins on September 15th.  Details at  BTW, you can check out every inch of Ludwinski and Salvatore on our website.

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