What’s an Influencer?

“I wasn’t looking forward to this conversation. 
But you and your questions and your reintroduction to some
of my past enlightened me, inspirited me, and I eagerly took the bait.
Ed Asner on Billy Masters LIVE.  The two episodes we did are amongst my favorites. 
He was not only a legendary actor, but a good guy and a great sport.  Rest in peace.

People often ask me if I’m an “influencer”.  Honey, I was an influencer before the term existed.  Months ago, I made a joke about Rachel Campos waiting for The View to ask her to replace Meghan McCain.  If you don’t know, Rachel is an alum of The Real World: San Francisco.  She is married to a Real World: Boston alum, Sean Duffy, who is a former Congressional Representative from Wisconsin.  And she’s a conservative, despite living with Pedro Zamora and perhaps having a romance with Puck!  She’s twice been a finalist for The View panel, so I quipped that perhaps third time’s a charm.  Apparently, someone at Fox News read that and hired her as a co-host for the weekend edition of Fox & Friends.  I only know this because she made a jab at Dr. Jill Biden, which I won’t bother repeating.


Once again, I get to say I told you first.  Weeks ago, I reported that Rachel Maddow would either step away from her MSNBC show or seriously cut back if she renewed her contract.  Now comes word that she’s signed a multi-year deal, which includes scaling back her show next season from five nights a week to once weekly.

Time to give you an update about Billy Masters LIVE.  Our live chat show has been on hiatus after completing a very busy Pride Month.  I hoped to be back after Labor Day, but some professional opportunities will be taking me out of the country for most of September.  Fear not – we’ll be back in October!


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