Last Ptown of the Season

Colton Underwood has a boyfriend.  Of course he does.  He only came out a year ago, but he has a boyfriend and a TV series.  How nice for him.  Not that I wish him ill – I truly hope he finds happiness.  As to that new beau, they were first spotted together when Colton made that pre-season trip to Provincetown with Gus Kenworthy.  Another person in that group was Jordan C. Brown, who is described in most outlets as a “well-connected political fundraiser”.  So, he has money.  I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.  The twosome was spotted at the Four Seasons resort in Maui, and one onlooker said, “They were all over each other”.  The photos we have capture a rather chaste kiss, but we’ll post it anyway on


Didya know that The White Lotus was filmed at the Four Seasons in Maui?  A couple of weeks ago, sexy Murray Bartlett was spotted in Provincetown.  I’ve made a few day trips to Ptown for a variety of reasons, and last week wrapped up my summer by seeing the sensational Marilyn Maye at the Provincetown Art House (her 11th season in Ptown).  To say a 93-year-old woman is as good a singer as colleagues decades younger would be preposterous.  And yet…that is the case with Miss Maye, who seems to have found the elusive Fountain of Youth.  With her skill, intelligence and talent, she presents a show which focuses on her extraordinary strengths.  Her ability to connect with a lyric and make it personal for everyone in the audience is a gift few have.  Add in her powerful instrument and the joy she has in sharing it with us, and you have a winning combination.  She was more than ably supported by a combo led by the brilliant Billy Stritch.  Some footage can be found on

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