Nude Gossip Guys

Our Ask Billy question comes from Aaron in Dallas, who writes, “What do you know about Evan Mock on Gossip Girl?  I think he’s a model-turned-actor, and seems pretty convincing in his scenes with Max.”

I haven’t watched a single episode of Gossip Girl – the reboot or the original.  But after seeing Evan Mock and Thomas Doherty, I’m a believer.  I know you asked about Evan…but Thomas is swoonable.  He was also named “one of the 50 fittest boys in the world” by Vogue when he was 22 (he’s now 26).  So that explains all the nudity…and the abs.  Back to Evan.  Mock is a model, actor, and skateboarder.  His big break was after Frank Ocean posted a video of him skateboarding – which answers some questions, and leaves us with others.  Two of his best friends are Justin Bieber and Travis Scott.  In spite of all that, Mock identifies as heterosexual.  But happily he shows a good amount of skin on Gossip Girl – and on

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