Bene-Dick Cumberbatch

Since I’m overseas, I decided to pick an Ask Billy from this side of the pond.  Harold in Manchester writes, “I heard that Benedict Cumberbatch is going full frontal in his next movie.  Any details?”

Plenty.  The film in question is Power of the Dog, which is a Western about a warring family on a Montana ranch – in other words, it’s a film I wouldn’t be caught dead seeing.  So how do they get Billy Masters’ interest?  Well, Cumberbatch is playing a gay rancher.  Yawn.  How’s about having him show the full Bene-Dick?  OK, my interest is duly piqued.  Although the film won’t be released until December, one of those lovely people who like to leak me links sent me the floppy footage.  And, naturally, I’m happy to share it with you on

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